Monday, June 7, 2010


Thanks God! I'm very grateful to you. I don't know why I could be this happy, but that's my feeling when HIMPI told me that I can join their Expo. 'Coz it's not an ordinary bazaar, it's HIMPI Expo. Since HIMPI is a place where small home business like us can showed up our potential, and helped us to find our costumer and lot of businesses link. So it's a big opportunity for us. I give up at first, and decided to not participating on the Expo. But fate say different, Mrs. Utari (one of HIMPI's board) told me that they still waiting for our products proposal. It's already June 7, and the final proposal should be on May 31. Hohohoho, when she said "yes, you can participate in the Expo" I feel like I'm dancing ^^

Some of our products that past the selections are Application Bags, Tissue Pouches, Headbands, and Stationery. And it's time for us to work hard and give our best performs. Show the world that small home business like us have a potential to fight the invasion from China - ASEAN Free Trade Agreement.

Oww, I forgot about Pasar Seni ITB, one of our most awaited event.. We await for the result of Pasar Seni ITB's selection. It's one of the biggest event in Bandung, and lot of people have a big anxiety in this event. Wow, it will be a good promotion for ShopWitches. Cross our fingers, hope we can made it. The result will be announce on June 10. ^^



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