Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally, Cleaning the Work Area

After many delays and excuses, yesterday I cleaned my work area. Full of dust, trinket, and another not-been-cleaned-work-area had. So, me and my mom 'voluntary' work for two days.

My work area after the hard work...
The work table is facing the backyard, so it's so refreshing to work there in the morning. Do you see the scale above the stereo speaker? It always there to scaling the cloth fabric and the weigh of a delivery package. And do you curious what is it in the bucket?
It's my Percha/pach cloth collection. I'm digging at it if I need a perfect motives for my patchwork.

And I'm so happy with my new shelves (well, not new. it's a vintage, but it suites my beads, buttons, and motes collections.

The old arrangement:

The new arrangement:
It's my lovely spot. My Crafty Corner. How is it?

My products drawer


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