Sunday, June 27, 2010

My mom's Project: Jeans Remake

My mom gave me surprises with making 2 stuffs based from old jeans.
First she made a bag for my display rack, so I can easily carry the rack when there's a bazaar/expo. And it's heavy enough if I carry it with the box. The bag made the rack not too heavy anymore.

From this
Turned into this...
For the shelves assemblies
For the poles

And carry it on...

Second, she made a shoulder bag from my old skirt jeans. And it's quite cute for me, especially the ribbon belt. And she decided to sell a bag jeans and ask me to hunting a vintage skirt with her. Hmmm...quite interesting... Here's a spoiler for it, coz she hasn't finished the line.


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Experiment for July and Expo

This is my experiment for July and Expo. It's called Notes Bag, made from cotton. Coz it's only for experiment so it's not maximal. I'm trying to give an application for the cover. Just wait for it.


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Annual Ten Calender

Fabric: Felt with soft foam
- You can change the Year from 2010 until 2020
- You can change the Month
- You can change the Date
- You can stick a note on it

For the story behind the making, feel free to check here

Price: By Request
Made: by Order

You can stick notes with push pins and put a red push pins to show you a monthly holiday



The Years

The Months

The Dates


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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bracelets Clearance

You can find these products @Facebook in ShopWitches: Jewelry, Bracelets, Earring and Necklaces and @Multiply in ShopWitches: Accessories

Bracelets Clearance @Facebook
Bracelets Clearance @Multiply

These are my last stocks... coz I think I will not make a bracelet in the near future. I'm too lazy to beads-shopping right now. So if you want these, just let me know. I'll give you more specific picture or you can check the link above.

(Price around IDR 18.000,- to IDR 35.000,- or $1.8 to $3.5)


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New collections for July

This is the latest collections that I created for the events which we will follow in the near term. Currently I am concentrating to make some hair accessories. For now i currently only make headbands, hair ties and hair clips. Hope u like it...

                              Studded Flowers Headband

                                          White Knit Headband

                             Black Elastic Lace Headband 

                        Studded Elastic Lace Headband

                                       Polka Dot Hair Clip 

                                                       Sunny Hair Tie


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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Next Project

It's my un-completed project. I made it from 2 months ago, and it's still not finished until now. But I will try to finish it...SOON! What is it? I let you guess, and you'll know the answer when I posted the finish one ^^

 After I finished the base...

The rainbow...

Almost every day rain is pouring. It's great and fun working on in this cloudy morning, listening to soft music on the radio, and feel the cold wind blowing from the backyard.

 Look at these cookies-look-a-like. Hey, where's the "egg"?
Oh, here it is...stand behind for the year 2010

Can you count from 1 to 31?

The rainbow, cookies, and the numbers gathered...

And become.......
TARRRAAA!!!! Finally it's finished! the Ten Yearly Calendar
You can change the year, month, and date as you wish. Just pull and stick. Why it's called Ten Yearly Calendar? 'Coz I made the year only for 10 years use, and it's for 2010 til 2020. And if it lasted until 2020, i will give you free "Year" ^^




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Needle Bolster

This is my needle's bolster who always accompany me to work. The bolster is forming my name ^^


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My Webster

It's my Webster on this Crafty World. Well, since it's in a dutch language, so I must ask my mom what's the meaning, and some of it is too difficult to be practiced... T_T


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