Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tissue Pouch

You can find all Tissue Pouches variant @Facebook in ShopWitches: Tissue Pouches and @Multiply in ShopWitches: Tissue Pouches

Tissue Pouch @Facebook
Tissue Pouch @Multiply (Warning: Low Quality Image)


This is my mom's idea, since there's an innovation called travel size tissue. I'm not a tissue's carrier, coz I don't like the mini size of pocket tissue, it's just a waste, contents slightly and the sheets is so thick. It can be use for a super duper dirty hands, but just a waste if I use it for a little dirty spot in my hands. So usually if I got flu, I used the toilet tissue, the roll is more efficient for me. And now, welcome the Travel Size!!! ^^

After going through many reforms, finally the tissue pouches ready to sold!

(Oriental Flower Tissue: IDR 35.000 / $ 3.5
Get special price if you ordered more than 10pcs)

She made it from Grey Cloth combined with patchwork from Cotton cloth, mixed with ribbon and buttons. Now, for the Expo, my mom told me that she wants to make lot of new model. Well, let's wait for it!


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