Monday, June 7, 2010

Sparkling Rainbow's Bag

Right now you can find the bag @ShopWitches June Collection folder. When it was passed in June, you can check it @ShopWitches: Bags folder.

Sparkling Rainbow's Bag @Facebook
Sparkling Rainbow's Bag @Multiply (warning: low quality image)

 (Price: IDR125.000,- / $ 12.5)

I made this bag from Grey Cloth lining with Cotton Cloth in the inside and added with some application. This is one of my two bags that the application made from water color dye. I can't draw, so I just painted the classic draw...Rainbow ^^ I'm too nervous at first, 'coz I failed at the first try. The paintings didn't dry properly coz I'm too excited and impatient, so the paint fade when washed. But I made it now! Been tried and does not fade, ready to sold! ^^
But wait, don't forget to add more application there. A little bit of sparkling beads (spread randomly from dense-rare-dense). O yeah, don't forget to separate each color with Stem Stitches Techniques (have no idea what is Tusuk Batang's in English ^^)


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