Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flowery Orange Notes

You can find this product @Facebook in ShopWitches: Notes and @Multiply in ShopWitches: Stationery

Flowery Orange Notes @Facebook
Flowery Orange Notes @Multiply

(Price: IDR 37.000,- / $3.7)

I love how the cover color blend with the flowers. It feels like a bright spring and can make me feel cheer-up. This note idea was popped-up when I remember my college time. I can't find cute note/organizer with reasonable price, so I just made up my DIY's organizer. Since I'm a type of person who can quickly bored, I've got plenty of useless and half written organizers. I bought colorful papers, cut quotable words from mags, and another make-a-DIY-note/organizer acivity, but in the end they're living in my bookshelf. Some of my u-waste-the-tree-what-did-you-do-to-the-earth stuffs...


So, I had an idea, i bought ready-notes and covered them with cute 'clothes' made from Felt fabric added with cute Stitching and beads. And Voila, it change into a cute notes.You can buy diverse color, and wear it to your notes accordance to your moods. O yeah, it's fit to average note book size, so you can buy your own notes and use the cloth to your new one . But don't wasting the paper for nothing, like me. But out of it, I love the earth, and I'm trying to be an eco person ^^


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