Thursday, June 10, 2010

My First Stuffs for ShopWitches

 You can see these stuffs @Facebook in ShopWitches: Sold Out and @Multiply in ShopWitches: SoldOut

Tas Bunga Merah @Facebook
Tas Kupu-kupu @Facebook
Tas Bunga Merah @Multiply
Tas Kupu-kupu @Multiply

These are some of my first released stuffs for ShopWitches launching. I can see a little changes from my past and present stuffs . 

 (Sold Out!)

I can't draw, so the Butterfly come like this. It's a small application bag version. People told me that this size is to small to carry on, not lot of stuff fit in, so I re-size and make the application bags bigger.  I like to make Curved Shape. I think I will make this shape as my characteristics.

 (Sold Out!)

This is another first application bag, More colorful, huh? I use a gradation embroidery thread, and wool for the stem. 


Anita from


nuraulia said...

tasnya di jual gak?
keren :) aku mau...!

ShopWitches said...

Hallo mbak Nuraulia.... Seneng deh kalo mbak tertarik.

Tas2nya dijual, tp kebetulan yang dua ini sold out. kalo mau made by order, tp paling kain lapisannya gak bisa sama. Motifnya aja yang sama. Kalau mau nnt aq kasih contoh2 bahan yang kira2 cocok ke email mbak.

Atau kl mau yg ready stock, di cek aja FB nya ShopWitches, disana ada banyak. Di folder June Collection, sm Bags. Contoh2 tas yang dah Sold Out ada di folder Sold out!

Heheheheheh... ditunggu lo mbak kabarnya ^^