Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My New Vintage Treasure

This drawer used to be belong to my uncle, he's an architect, he used this drawer to keep his stationery, draw paper, etc. My grandpa build this drawer for him, since my grandpa is a crafter soul too. And since my college time the drawer changed hands to me, since I can use the drawer like my uncle used to, for your information, I have an Interior Designer degree from some university in Bandung. And so long after my grad, I'm back to Jakarta and left the drawer. Last week I came to Bandung to attend my cousin's wed, and for some matters me and my parent went to the old house, and I saw it. Dusty and poorly maintained. So I decided to bring it to Jakarta, so it can company my crafty time. Love it! Coz it can keep so much thing organizely. Here it is:


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