Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Mom's Nursing Cover

My mom made these nursing cover for welcoming the baby girl, Zivana. She's my soon-to-be sister in law's daughter.

(Kiss n Wink from Baby Zee)

She gave Baby Zee two different colors with same motive. 
(The grandma *known as my soon-to-be mother in law* really admired the fabric. It has waves/rumples motives. At first my mother want to make a blanket from it, but at the end it turns to be a nursing cover. The colors and the motives is very suitable to be used as a nursing cover. And you can use it as a blanket too, just wrap your baby and the baby will sleep with comfort and warmth)

The green and the orange:
 (She can use both side of this nursing cover, whether the green one or the bunny motive. And both side have their own pocket too. She can put the bib, slobber, or milk bottle there)

(She can adjust the neckband as she like, just slip the rope between the buttoned buttons. There's also buttons on each side. Not forget to mention: my mom braiding the neckband herself)

The mother being my model while breastfeeding Baby Zee. She said she's proud to have the first sample of Nursing Cover by LittleWitches ^^
(Front view. She took the slobber from the pocket.)
 (She can give breastfeeding anywhere now -mall,market,etc- without feel ashame that people will look at her)

(Even when you look from aside, you will see nothing . But the baby still can breath happily from the peek hole, and give the mother who watch for the baby the sweetest smile ^^)

Support breastfeeding for a healthier and a smarter child girls!

Interest/more info feel free to ask! ^^


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