Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tick Tock

Me as a lazy person since last event, and it was Pasar Seni ITB 2010. That event really draining my energy, being dried under the sun, busy serving the customers, forget to eat, dizziness because the really fully crowd, and loading the goods makes me tired too. And I must go back to Jakarta on that night. Hufth very tiring.

And now I'm stuck with indistinct flu, it only came at night. But I'm so glad not having a severe pain like fever, so I will not stuck with bed. Especially when my bf moved to Jakarta, for a week after Pasni, I'm his driver. Took him to his office at 6am and picked up at 9pm. Well, he's already being a slave at his 1st day at work. Hope he paid in accordance with his hard work.

It's already more than a week since Pasni, and the next event waiting around a week from now. And I'm still lazying, not in the mood for forced labor. So glad I still have lot of stocks for that event. 

an outpouring from
Witches Anita



Puwi said...

samaaaa :'(

ShopWitches said...

Whatever will be will be deh ya buat di kemang nnt. =D. =)) =D. =)). WkWkWkWk. males loading..trauma loading di pasni. Capek to the max bgt tu event. Utg d kemang indoor... TT